River Report April 18, 2022

Folks are vibrating with Spring energy here in the Northwoods.

Jack and I have been taking Stella puppy for after work spins in the grouse coverts (before the woods close to unleashed dogs on April 15th), so that she can get a sniffer full of smells and so that Jack can work on his compass and tracking and general woods skills.  A boy and his young dog investigating the wonders of the wilds means discovery.  We move slowly and see everything through fresh eyes.

We scout for antlers along game trails and we look long into the vernal ponds hoping to see Fairy Shrimp and Fingernail Clams and tadpoles.  They haven’t shown up yet, but will soon and there are so many other signs of season change.  

There are buds on the trees and Spring Peepers singing in the iceless beaver ponds.  But mostly, there are birds—lots of birds.  The freshly returning travelers are always the most boisterous of Spring signals.  They fill the desolate, winter woods with song and soul.

The welcome whistling/chirping cacophony of bird chatter is a shove into the deep end of Spring.  It’s the most abrupt marker of change throughout any of the seasons.  One day the world is winter quiet and the next sunrise sounds like you’ve woken up in Africa.  It’s as fine an omen and season introduction as the first yellow Maple of Fall or the first lovely snowfall of Winter.  But this one means brook trout will bite soon and trout season will burgeon for weeks.

The birds of prey are also beginning to return.  While working on organizing the fly bins, Dave, Gavin, and I watched through a shop window as an Osprey plunged into the River and snatch a nice trout just feet from our front door.  I love this place.

Our rivers are running high now but with decent clarity.  Fishing is as always—up and down.  The most avid anglers catch the most fish.  It’s nearly all streamers and nymphs now, but we have seen some Black Stone Flies and Blue-winged Olives hatch in select stretches of stream.  And we’ve seen the first scattered rising trout of the season. 

It’s all coming soon and it’s all exciting.

Trips are nearly completely booked for May and June.  There are very few days left, so if you have dates you want, please give the shop a call.

Save the date for the return of our Day Before Opener Party on Friday April 29th!!

We’re going back to our roots, so it’s nothing fancy just good food, good folks, and cold drinks.  We’re really looking forward to this season and to see all of our old friends again.

Take care and welcome to a new Trout Season!


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