RIVER REPORT – December 2,2022

The Old AuSable Fly Shop Fishing Report

I had the encounter. It wasn’t close, but it was with the bone-horned brut I saw last year on the same runway—one year older. I’ve taken a lot of bucks, but this one is an entirely different animal.  His antlers look too small for his body, but that’s only because he is enormous.  Last year two younger eight points dashed from his path and Brutus was half again their size.  He is clearly king of those woods.

Rifle season is over now.  It’s another season change for the back of my truck. Muzzle-loader season is here.  I’ll have three more days to match wits with the monarch. The good money is on the buck.  I’ll have to hunt him in his living room and he knows how all the furniture is arranged.  With Jack’s buck and two does from my end, the freezer is getting full, so I can focus all efforts on my best deer ever. 

If I fail, one more doe in the late season private land doe hunt will guarantee plenty of jerky and sausage sticks for the ice fishing season. My friend Doug has lots of does on his property and is gracious enough to let me run around in there.  It’s good to know a guy that loves his property, and respects hunting but just doesn’t look through the scope himself.  Doug’s been very generous.

Grouse season has re-opened as well.  I’ll have to make some time to get Stella puppy into the wild again.  Rifle season is hell on a bird dog.  They go from pushing through the brush all Fall to spending long hours in the house.  Although, our little Brittany spends most of her time perched on the back of the couch like a cat looking out the window. 

I hope I come back as a bird dog.

There’s no ice on the lakes yet, but I am hearing that steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette has been solid. I’m opting to leave the brown trout alone on the Au Sable again this winter. They certainly don’t need me pestering them. 

But it is fly tying time.  Busted out a bunch today.  We’ll get classes around after the Holidays but the materials are arriving already.  It’s going to take a minute to shift gears . . .

I really hope I get that buck.

Swing by to find out and to keep me from doing any actual, real, work!

We’ve got lots of tying materials and more coming, and we have all sorts of great deals on Christmas presents . . . top quality flannels, deep discount on Barbour gear, and even 25% off al Tributary waders and boots.!

Hope to see you soon,


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