Happy Thanksgiving!

We all love getting together with family during Feast Week. But, even the most dedicating family folks need to escape the guest room and get some air outside of Grandma’s house. The Old Au Sable is here to help with a sale that will kick your Christmas shopping into full gear!

The best gifts are the items that you’d love to own, but just can’t quite get yourself to cough up the cash.  We’ve got tons of that stuff.  I always say, if you need it, we don’t have it—this store is full of wants. The Old Au Sable takes great pride in filling the shelve and racks with best in class clothing and gear.

In the spirit of the Holiday, we’re also thankful to all of our loyal supporters for helping us to have a couple of our best seasons ever.  So, we’d like to give back and help you give your loved ones (or yourself) a gift that will be cherished through the years.

Starting on Thanksgiving (yup we’ll be open from 10 to 2), we will have a sale that fill your gear bag!  We’re discounting select waders, boots, rods – you name it. 

30% off select Simms Gear including waders and boots!!

30% off select gear from Sage!!

Sales up to 45% off on all sorts of good stuff.  There’s too much to list, so you’ll have to stop in to see what we’ve got.  Deals like Simms Tributary waders reg $199.95 for $149.95 or Men’s Challenger Bibs and Jackets reg. $199.95 for $139.95.

Also, if you find better deal online – let me know and we’ll match it.  Plus, there’s never a shipping charge when you carry gear out the door that you’ve tried on for fit.


We are absolutely stocked with Simms layering – you know, the stuff that keeps you warm and dry during the long winter months.  This gear is the greatest technological innovation in the outdoors in my lifetime.  Remember putting your boot felts in the Wonder Bread bag and still being soaked at the end of the day?  Cotton long johns (long underwear)?  Cotton is the worst material to have next to your skin when it’s cold.  The stuff we have now is way lighter and much warmer than any of that stuff.  And it’s EXPENSIVE!!  So, it is the perfect gift – especially at a deep discount. 

I deer hunted with just 3 layers of Simms under my winter camo for a whole day with sub-freezing temperatures not a week ago and, with the aid of a couple of hand warmers, was supremely comfortable.  I’m on a new mission – to bring warmth to all who enjoy the outdoors.  Because, let’s face it, if you handle the elements, you won’t be outside enough.

You’ll find gear in every category on sale and with Brands like Barbour, Simms, and Sage in the mix, you’re guaranteed to find something don’t need.

Our sale runs:

  • Thanksgiving Day from 10-2
  • Black Friday 10-5
  • Saturday 10-5
  • Sunday 10-2

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