River Report – December 2, 2021

The Old Au Sable Fly Shop Fishing Report

As we close the books on November and the Michigan White-tailed deer rifle season, December opens up our woods and wilds to a bevy of possibilities.

Like so many of my favorite pursuits, I bounce with anticipation as rifle season nears, but as it stretches into the inevitable conclusion, I look forward to putting away the red plaid and cringe at the idea of cold hours in a stand. It’s the same with river fishing. I love putting on my waders in the morning but can’t wait to take them off at night.

It has something to do with being a Michigan resident. We live in a place of seasons. Each one we welcome eagerly, but tire of like a too long visit. We’re also fortunate to live in a state brimming with outdoor activities. Our open-air recreational interests are many, and so, expectation of change shortens our attention spans as we try to cram in all of the experiences we can in a too short ride on the planet.

The conundrum is a blessing and a curse. Jumping from one interest to another takes time and energy, and as such, requires a conscious focus to remain present in the moments spent afield. It is why I don’t like to take a lot of pictures or videos and spend so much time on social media—all of that takes us out of the moment. Or maybe it’s just me and I’m selfish and greedy for my experiences and with the time left on the clock.

Anyway, there’s much to do in December. Area lakes are fishing well. River fishing for post spawn brown trout is holding up. Muzzle-loader season in Northern Michigan runs from December third through the twelfth and then the late firearm doe season starts again and along with bow hunting will continue until we start a new ride around the sun.

I hope to dabble in all of it. But, it will be largely about Holidays and time with my wife and son. And we do have a springy, little Brittany pup that needs to be trained into a wear and tear bird dog. Well, one that has her own cookie jar and sleeps in Jack’s bed, anyway.

Enjoy it all.

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